Avoid over-dependence on home tutor

Taking help of a home tutor is good but complete dependence can create problems for both tutor and student. Over dependency on tutor can limit the involvement of children in his subjects which minimizes the opportunities to develop their literary skills.

Several troubles have been faced by dependent students and they aren’t able to trust themselves as well as others. These type of students are not able to think for themselves, make their decisions or even they can’t talk for themselves as they are completely depending on their tutor for these things.

Tutees should depend on their tutor to gain skills and maximize their learning. If a tutee is over dependent, than tutor should begin by reviewing this and by giving responsibilities in order to ensure the habit of depending gets reduced.

If the tutee is getting over-dependent on his tutor, then either parents or tutor should look after it and should take some steps over it. Tutor should not get over-friendly with the pupil or should not show extra concern for the child as it increases the child dependency.

This over dependency of a tutee should be avoided by encouraging him to take his own decision or talk for himself. Tutor should avoid clingy behavior of the tutee in order to avoid dependencies. This over dependency can be removed by assigning another classmate or tutee with him.

Tutor should not encourage spoon-feeding method for tutees as it increase their concern over you. You should make them solve their own problems and just guide them for difficult issues. Encourage them to do their assignments on their own rather than helping them at every step.

Over dependency of a tutee would be creating problem for both tutee as well as tutor. It can be avoided by not getting over involved in tutee’s problem and consider some ways to make the student stand up on their own feet.

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