How to choose a good home tutor?

Home tutor is one of the most commonly used terms in today’s life. Tutoring is the process of receiving guidance and instruction from a tutor. Mostly home tutoring is done after school hours, or as per scheduled by the parents. A tutor helps in improving the academic results of a child, improves self-confidence and enhances focus on studies. Private home tutors come from different backgrounds and may offer different educational qualities.

The main advantage of having home tutor is that a child gets one on one tutoring which can help in gaining academic excellence and travel time also get reduced as the venue for teaching would be suited to the child. The schedule of tutoring also gets flexible.

Choosing a good home tutor depends on the following:

• Qualification- While selecting or hiring the tutor, one must ensure about his qualification and find out is he proficient in that subject area.
• Experience – The important criteria is the tutor’s ability to teach and his past experiences. The results of previous years given by the tutor matters to a great extent.
• Charges – Charges of the tutors also affects the tutor to be selected. The charges of tutors depends on the qualification, experiences and the duration of tutoring.
• Time -Tutoring hours depends on the tutor and learner as well. It has to be a mutual decision.
• Familiarity with the syllabus -While hiring a tutor, one must ensure about the familiarity of the tutor towards the syllabus in order to get best results.
• Communication channel – The way of communication between parents and tutor should be decided before hand in order to analyze the child’s performance.

There are various factors to be considered before getting a good home tutor, getting them right from the beginning ensures that the money is well spent.

The right tutor can lead the student to his academic excellence. If the right tutor is not engaged, it would not only be waste of money and time but the improvement of child grades also gets delayed.

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