Striking a balance between home tutor and school

This has been a popular problem among the students especially the ones who are preparing for competitive exams. Students have to balance between the school exams and tuition tests. They have to curb time for their homework given in school and by home tutor. Most importantly they have to manage time for their self-studies in order to score good marks.

The balance between home tutor and school can be created by using some of the following measures. Firstly, the student should be organized so that he can plan his studies according to him. This would help him in curbing time for his homework and self-studies. Secondly, he should prioritize between the task assigned to him in school and by tutor. Thirdly, smart decisions need to be taken when a conflict arises between the two factors.

Time management plays an important role in creating a balance between the home tutor, school and self-studies. Students should get up early and revise their lessons. Most importantly time should not be wasted on computers, mobiles and indoor games. Instead of this, they can move out and play some outdoor games that keeps their body in good shape.

Student should fix his tuition hours so that he can plan his tasks accordingly. Student must tell the home tutors about his scheduled exams and can demand for less test so that he can get more time to revise his syllabus. All the emphasis lies on making best use of available time.

Students can also ask for classes on alternative days. By doing this, they would be getting more time to complete their home works, assignment and can also revise their lessons. They can also take tuitions on weekends which would give them time to manage their school studies.

If a student is having a home tutor and has to go to school, then he should manage his schedule according to it by proper planning and prioritizing the tasks and doing the ones which is the most important one.

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