Time Management

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how much time should be spent on specific activities. Generally, it refers to the development of process and tools for increasing productivity and efficiency. Time management can be easily explained as best use of time for getting best results.

Time management can also be defined as the process of planning the goals, prioritizing these goals, deciding how much time to be spent over these goals, setting the deadlines, adjusting the plans as things changes, review these goals and moving forward in a smooth manner.

Most of the people think that their lifestyle or their work does not require time management, which leads to many problems. The key disadvantages of poor time management are:

• Increase in stress – It mostly happens due to flooded tasks. It may occur due to scheduling of tasks improperly.
• Decrease of work quality – When proper scheduling of tasks is not done, the work quality decrease due to less amount of time available for the task because of which professional reputation also gets affected.
• Missed deadlines – Due to improper time management, sometimes deadlines get missed and target attainment becomes difficult.
Practicing time management has lot of benefits attached. It gives us a chance to achieve more and more within the time frame allotted. Some of the major benefits are-
• Increase of productivity and efficiency – With proper time management, the time for specific event increases which leads to increase in productivity and quality of work. This helps in increase of self-morale too.
• Opportunity of target achieving increases – Due to increased efficiency, the person gets more work time and getting targets become easy.
• Less stress – As the work gets completed in time, the stress of completing the work before deadline is reduced and we feel relaxed.
• Helps to prioritize – As time would be decided for each event you can prioritize events according to yourself.
• Get more work done in less time – Time management helps in doing more tasks in less time.
One can enjoy these benefits by managing time in a proper manner and can get success in life. But, it should also be kept in mind that time management does not refer to doing two things at the same time.


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