Ways to curb exam stress

Exam stress is feeling of pressure that many people especially the younger ones face during the exam time. It usually occurs during revision period or just before the exams. Exam stress occurs due to the excessive thinking about the exam results. It could be caused by the pressure of performance from parents, teachers or from the relatives. The need to get good marks creates pressure over the student which leads to exam stress.

Common signs of exam stress that could be seen are lack of concentration, heart racing, stomach traps, trouble sleeping, and loss of appetite or over eating. Exam stress also leads to muscle tension, going blank or forgetfulness, getting upset on small issues etc.

There are several ways to curb exam stress they are as follows:

• Organizing oneself that is arranging all the necessary study material that would be required during the exam or revision time.
• Planning one should plan his studies in such a manner that after completion of course, plenty of time would remain for revisions.
• Diet also plays an important role in beating stress. Intake of junk food and stimulants for waking up can give you instant pleasure but would lead to degrading performances.
• Relaxing helps to get proper sleep and few minutes break is the best way to increase levels of concentration.

Follow the above ways to cope up from the exam stress and study well. As there is no alternative available when it comes to get good academic grades. Arrange yourself well and complete the syllabus early so that you can get time to revise them properly.

One should always remember that exams are meant to assess your yearly preparation. Don’t delay things unnecessarily as it could create panic afterwards. If anyone panics due to exams, they must talk to parents, school teachers, tutors and friends in order to get the correct guidance from them.

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